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 Praxis II


U.S. Virgin Islands: Validated Praxis Tests

EVERY NEW TEACHER MUST TAKE THE PRAXIS EXAM. Click on any of the tests below for more information. The number on the right hand side represents the USVI minimum passing score. All Elementary K-6 Teachers hired after 2001 must take the Elementary Education: Content Knowledge exam listed below.

Which Praxis Exam Should You Take?

1. Praxis II Elementary Education: Content Knowledge (test code 0014 ONLY) is required for elementary education teaching applicant (classroom K-6)


2. PRAXIS I - is required for all Secondary teachers (unless they are out of content, see number 4 below), and also for in-content Elementary teaching applicants applying for Special Subjects, for example: Elementary Music, Elementary Reading, Elementary Special Education, Elementary Physical Education, Elementary Art, etc.


3. PRAXIS I- is required for all vocational teacher applicants

4. PRAXIS II- is required for all secondary and elementary applicants with less than 30 credits (but more than 15 credits) in the content area for which they are applying. This is only for applicants in the subject areas below (please note the applicable test codes):


 SPECIAL EDUCATION (0353)                   SCIENCE (0435)                   READING (0201)

 MATHEMATICS (0061)                            ENGLISH (0041)                   ESL (0360)


List of Validated Subject Area Praxis II Tests

Elementary Education 10014 Elementary Education: Content Knowledge
(calculator allowed)


30522 Principles of Learning and Teaching: Grades K-6


Elementary Reading 20201 Reading Across the Curriculum: Elementary (PDF)


Secondary English 10041 English Language, Literature, and Composition: Content Knowledge (PDF)


Secondary ESL 20361 English to Speakers of Other Languages (PDF)
(contains listening section)

149 (570 previously)

Secondary Mathematics 10061 Mathematics: Content Knowledge (PDF)
(calculator required)


Secondary Science 10435 General Science: Content Knowledge (PDF)
(calculators prohibited)


Special Education 0354 Special Education: Core Knowledge and Applications (PDF) 145

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