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Lockhart School in St. Thomas

Frequently Asked Questions



When does the School Year start/end?

The school year starts on September 8, 2015 and ends on June 22, 2016. Our Department hires employees year-round. You can also download the new SCHOOL CALENDAR.

How do I know if I qualify for a vacancy?

School-based professionals such as teachers, librarians, and school psychologists can visit the Certification Page to view the requirements set forth by the local Board of Education. Please note that reciprocal agreements with other states have not been set by our Board of Education, so simply having an out-of-state certificate is not sufficient to qualify for a position. Prior teaching experience is not necessary for teaching positions. Support Staff vacancies are usually accompanied by a job description in the Vacancies Page which details what credentials and/or experience is needed.

Which district should I apply to?

You should apply to the district under which the vacancy is listed in the Vacancies Page. For territory-wide vacancies or vacancies that appear in both districts, you can apply to either district.

Can I substitute another exam for the Praxis exam?

Only the National Teachers Exam, which was what the Praxis exam was previously known as. The Praxis exam is a local law requirement, and no other test can be substituted for it. All teachers entering our Department must take this exam, which is available nationwide (look for local test centers in the Praxis website). Every new secondary school teacher or elementary content area teacher (art, music, physical education, etc.) hired AFTER the 1995-1996 school year must take and pass the Praxis I examination, which consists of Reading, Writing, and Mathematics sections.  Elementary K-6 teachers must take the Praxis II examination in Elementary Education: Content Knowledge. Include a copy of your passing Praxis scores with your application packet.

What should the physician's statement of good health say?

The physicians statement of good health is a letter, in your physician's official stationary, which states that you are fit to perform the duties for which you are applying.

How do I obtain a criminal background check?

It differs depending on where you live, but the criminal background check is usually performed by the local police department. You would need to have a local and national check performed. We provide a form that you may present to your local police department, but they may have their own form, procedure, and fees. YOU are responsible for requesting the background check from your local law enforcement agency, and submitting it or having them submit it to us.

What happens if I have a criminal record?

A criminal record on file does not necessarily disqualify an applicant from employment with the Virgin Islands Department of Education, except where the crime is expressly identified in the law. When considering the employment of an individual with a criminal history, some factors to be assessed during the background investigation review will not limited to:

  •  Relevance of the criminal conviction to the posted job duties;

  • Date of the most recent offense;

  • Nature and number of convictions;

  • Relative threat to the security of the Departmentís schools and activity centers or its employees and students;

  • Accuracy of the information the individual provided on the employment application and/or in the recruitment process;

  • Other relevant considerations.


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